Our passion is motorcycles, from before we had the use of reason… if we ever had it.

In Boxerland, we don’t just repair motorcycles; we give them care and pamper them. We remove the «scratches» of life and the unfortunate interventions they have suffered over the years. We work without watching the clock; we leave the rush for the track. Each motorcycle needs its time. Trying to rush it always means doing the work twice, at least.

We specialize in Bavarian 2V airheads (late 60s / early 90s). Rarely does an intervention on these motorcycles «make economic sense.» It can only be undertaken out of passion, love, and the desire to bring the motorcycle back to its original state or as close as possible. If you want to pamper or bring back to life «the motorcycle with which my father won my mother’s heart, the one my grandparents gave me when I finished my studies,» or similar situations, Boxerland is your home.